About Us

Mobase is a start up based in Thessaloniki Greece, providing identification services of plant, animal or food products to clients from related industries, protecting their credibility and preventing any adulteration events.

Our History:

Our longer than a decade research work, which was awarded in 2013 by the President of the Republic and the Ministry of Rural Development, has been developed under the umbrella of INAB|CERTH where it began to attract commercial interest. Professionals from the primary (farmers, plant nurseries) and the secondary sector (food/cosmetic industries) approached us to identify propagating material, raw materials and processed plant and animal based products. The constant market interest in the battle of adulteration and counterfeiting events led us to use DNA technologies to identify plant and animal species as well as their products for authentication and traceability purposes. Hence, the idea of ​​Mobase was born, with a name inspired from the molecular markers that support our identification technology, which has now transitioned from science to business.

Our Mission:

In Mobase, we seek to offer our unique DNA based technology in the service of the food, cosmetic, trade and agricultural related industries. Our mission is to prevent adulteration of food and cosmetic products, counterfeit, mislabeling, as well as the cultivation of mis-characterised varieties, overly securing the agricultural supply chain from the field to our homes. We are constantly working in developing novel tools and services in the benefit of the primary and secondary sector, as well as the environment.

Head of R&D letter

Mobase is an innovative company where we offer quick, reliable and cost effective identification, authentication and fraud prevention services for your products. We offer one of the most comprehensive set of laboratory services available to maximize results in the primary and secondary sector.


Prof. Panagiotis Madesis

Our Team:

Ioanna Karamichali
R&D-General Management
Prof. Panagiotis Madesis,
Molecular Biologist R&D-Head of R&D
Eirini Bosmali
MSc Food Technologist, Lab Manager
Ermioni Kiosi
MSc Finances, Financial Manager
Prof. Nikolaos Lambrou
Enzyme Biotechnologist, R&D-Enzymes
Georgia-Maria Nteve
MSc Agronomist, R&D-Communications
Eleni Stefanidou
MSc Agronomist, R&D-Marketing


Our business evolution

We take the necessary steps to bring you closer to our latest DNA identification & traceability technologies.



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