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Identify and verify your raw/propagation material
Protect your company & customers from fraud

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Protect your customers by ensuring the high quality of your products. Be the first to adopt technologies for the genetic verification of your products. Examine and improve the microbial populations in your field.

Food and Cosmetic Industry

Increase the added value of your product by authenticating it in every step of the production process. Trace your product and increase your credibility. Protect your crops from infectious diseases.

Agriculture sector

Save time and money by verifying your plant cultivars and animal breeds. Speed up the plant and animal breeding process via genetic selection of specific characteristics and authenticate your products.

Added value/intellectual rights protection

We render quality and high-standard laboratory authentication and traceability services, fast and accurate results provide added value to your products.

Be sure of your plants or animals and their products

DNA testing can identify your variety or breed in advance or even in your final products.

DNA barcoding

Our nover DNA Barcoding service allows you to use DNA molecules as a Brand signature protecting your company and customers from counterfeiting products.

Maximize your production

Improve cultivar varieties and animal breeds with genetic selection during plant and animal breeding. Speed the selection process for specific characteristics.Identify the Sex of your cultivars.

Custom DNA marker development

We can currently identify more than 600 species, varieties and final products, while we are able to develop novel identification fingerprints for any kind of product you are interested in.

Control of microbial communities

The microbial populations (bacteria, fungi) can be analyzed in a variety of samples, helping to control and improve the soil and the cultivation conditions.


Perform your Next Generation Sequencing Data analysis for genomic, transcriptomic and metagenomic studies. Identify novel molecular markers/genes of interest for authentication and plant or animal breeding purposes.

Scientific support and training

Learn and adopt the latest technologies regarding the identification, authentication and traceability.

One stop shop

Execute chemical and isotopic analyses along your molecular analysis in one place. Verify the geographical origin of your products beyond any doubt.

Blood Works

Blood tests help determines current deseases and check the function of your organs and show how well treatments are working.


We provide a laboratory services for the screening, detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of metabolic disorders.


We provide clinical consultations on the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases.


Our hormone tests can help you measure your hormone levels without the additional expense of seeing a doctor.

Urin Culture

Our urine culture test helps to identify germs (such as bacteria) in the urine that can cause an urinary tract infection.

Lumbal Punction

A lumbar puncture is a test to check for cancer cells in the fluid that travels around your brain and spinal cord.

Food Intolerances

This test measures your body’s immune response to 96 foods to help choose the best foods for an elimination diet.


An allergy test determines if your body has an allergic reaction to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites and foods.

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